Sexy nurse 2 (2015)

Director: 池田島豊 Yutaka Ikejima
Star: 寿幸子 Yukiko Suou, 日高ゆりあ Yuria Hidaka
Year: 2015
Country: Japan
Genre: Adult

Synopsis: Mitaka Yukari was a nurse working at a large hospital. One day, some patients who had undergone a major surgery say they have a sexual function after surgery Yukari, who was a nurse in charge of her, asked her to help her last one time. Yukari promises the patient will and hope for life and secretly helps his masturbation. Nukata Kyosuke, the representative of the visiting nursing service company Asunaro who came across her appearance, gave her a business card She says she will scout her.Yukari decides to relocate to Asunaro, who feels skeptical about a big hospital. Asunaro basically provides visiting nursing services for elderly elderly or people with physical disabilities
A certain number of nurses are helping their sex life. Yukari is always curious about the source of Kyosuke’s business idea, He sympathizes with his beliefs and helps the sex lives of actively alienated people. As his respect for Kyosuke grows bigger, Yukari feels that he is growing more and more about him. Kyosuke treats Yukari as a colleague and pretends not to know her mind.
One day, Yukari confessed to him knowing it was Kyosuke’s birthday. Kyosuke has been suffering from serious erectile dysfunction since she actually died 10 years ago.
Thinking that it was a lonely atonement for his wife in his lifetime, I confess that I can not accept her heart because I am going to live like this in the future. Yukari grabbed his tongue and said, “Let’s leave it to him.”
Thanks to her efforts, Kyosuke’s erectile dysfunction is getting better and better, Thanks to sex, the lives of those who have been struggling have made many changes.

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