Runaway Girl VS Zombies (2011

Director: 浅尾正弘 Asao Masahiro
Stars: 南ゆう Yu Minami, 及川次男 Tsuguo Oikawa,
川奈龍平 Ryuhei Kawana, 西浩一郎 Koichiro Nishi,
青山ローラ Rola Aoyama, 高田健一 Kenichi Takada,
아사오 마사히로 Masahiro Asao
Country: Japan

The main character, Maki, has a dream of stealing money secretly traded from the Yakuza organization and living away from her lover Akio in peace. On the other hand, Yakuza’s executive Awatsu is driving the Akio to deal with Korean gangsters for a period of time with 700 million yen of the organization’s money, and after being moved, he is raided by masked robbers (Makiwa and Kenji) Akio can be suspicious when he spends his money right away, so he buries himself in Ryujin for a while, but he loses his life by betraying his friend Kenji, and Kenji is also killed by Makie.
On the other hand, Ryujin is a secret place where 731 units have been studying secretly. Awatsu lost her money and lost her money, hired a friend and a killer, Kariba, and found her. Zombies are starting to attack …

Watching Link Here: Runaway Girl Vs Zombies (2011)

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