Daughter of Darkness (1993)

Alias: 滅門慘案之孽殺
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Mandarin
Genres: Adult Crime
Rating: III (Hong Kong)
Director: Ivan Lai Gai-Ming

Synopsis: The movie follows the template of the “true crime” genre, in that we know about a horrible crime (and who committed it) from the beginning and then we piece together the story through flashback. Like many films of the genre, there is a good amount of dopey comedy featured here. In fact, the first half is very much played for laughs as Anthony Wong plays a bumbling and sleazy cop investigating a grisly murder. If you don’t like the manic Hong Kong-style comedy, then most likely you’ll be holding your head in disgust, but I found the stuff here pretty funny, mostly due to Anthony Wong’s performance. Believe it or not, there was a time when he actually cared about his work (even in low-budget fare such as this) and he brings a nice bit of depth to a stock character. As Anthony puts the puzzle together and brings his main suspect (Lily Chung) in, Daughter of Darkness switches into exploitation mode as Lily relates her story of abuse at the hands of her family — which means we get to see a lot of the lovely Ms. Chung. Of course, many of the scenes in this part are brutal in nature and quite unsettling, but there are a couple of parts which are nicely erotic. Normally, sex-filled movies are quite boring to me (once you’ve seen a boob, you’ve seen them all), but the film-makers did a good job of balancing eroticism and exposition… and hey, Lily Chung does look awfully good naked.

Watching Link here: Daughter of Darkness (1993)

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