Cyber Cafe (2003)

Cyber Cafe (2003)
Year: 2003
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Erotica
Subtitle(s) : Chinese and English (hardcoded)
Director: Yan Kit
Cast: Bessie Chang Ming Kwan, Coco Chow Ka Yu, Matthew Ng Ting, Lok Ching, Chang Chung Wai, Hoh Kan Yee, Nancy

Ivan was an IT expert, since the economy in recession, he lost his job. He use his mortgage to setup a cyber cafe, but all of the customer thought is body house, after months there was not any business conduct, and the land law was chasing the rent. At that moment a lady, Carol was there and serves a customer excellent by her natural resource. Since, the problem was fix for a moment, Ivan decide to change his cafe to a body house in order to survive. He recruits a lot of girls to be cyber girl. Two of them were very outstanding. Milky and Circle plus Carol, they was named Cafe 3T, the business was running so well, but those three girls were having gossip of each others and left the cafe. It makes the Cafe might be close down

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