Blood of The Shaman – 血胎换骨 (2014)

Alias: Fetal Blood For Bone
Duration: 134 min
Genre: Rated R 18+
Director: 刘宝贤 Liu Baoxian
Stars: 张慧仪 Angie Cheung, 李璨琛 Sam Lee, 陶大宇 Michael Tao, 颜仟汶 Yan Qian Wen


A large bucket pail surgery thriller Young and Dangerous film, Scott Young and Dangerous (Michael Tao) and Jackso (Sam Lee) gangsters killed while being chased men, only to flee to Thailand, met pail guess division Wang (Qian Yan Wen). At this time, he sent his gangsters chase, Wang Wei peep guess pail secret of this dark science pail surgery, repulsed the enemy. Wei and Wang’s sister guess A water fell in love, but guess Wang Wei intention is not found, evil magic, and to Wei A water break off an engagement. Wei angry, actually applied drop into anger, actually kill guess Wang Shi pail surgery and burn the house, removed the last secret of this A water fled in flames, disfigured A water worked hard decisions “fetal blood for bone” drop head surgery to revenge ……

Watching Link Here: Blood of Shaman (2014)

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