Banana Girl (2016)

Director: 徐汉 Xu Han
Star: 杨欣 Yang Xin, 王鹤铮 Wanghe Zheng, 许喵喵 Xu meow
Year: 2016
Country: China
Genre: Action

Synopsis: Although David was married lover Aventure constantly, objects are all breast waist big legs glamorous girl. A day later, David encounters a maid dressed in street selling bananas mysterious girl, girl attempts to seduce David, but David has declined, not a girl to want to drink a cup called “banana girl” drinks , a series of strange events. All this happened because David wedding eve together for a night in front of his girlfriend, David’s wife RED this to heart, on the surface of the utmost concern to David secretly planned a car accident put David set to death. But it did not, not in a car accident killed David, but got a rare transient amnesia, his memory will always remain in the day before the first anniversary of marriage. Every day, David should buy a bouquet of flowers for his wife to celebrate wedding anniversary. RED patiently, hired a secret organization called “banana girl” seduce David, tried to kill David, pocketed their own property. What can be smoothly RED plans to achieve it?

Watching Link Here: Banana Girl (2016)

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