The Amorous Lotus Pan (1994)

Alias: The Amorous Pain
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Mandarin-Rex
Genre: Adult
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 

The Amorous Lotus Pan (1992), based on a classic Chinese tale, has all the ingredients for a potboiler – adultery, sex, murder and revenge. The premise of the tale is attractive enough that veteran director Li Han-hsiang has made (practically) the same movie at least three times.

Pan Jinlian (Huang Mei-tsing) is told by wine-stall owner Madam Wang that her brother-in-law, Wu Song, has just been released from prison and advised Pan to leave town as she murdered Wu Song’s elder brother, the biscuit seller Da Lang. Pan then recalls her beginnings, especially her introduction to sex. If the name Wu Song sounds familiar, it’s the same character – the tiger killer – from The Water Margin (Outlaws Of The Marshes aka All Men Are Brothers).

Watching Link: The Amorous Lotus Pan (1994)

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